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For decades, agents and brokers alike have grappled with how to scale their businesses. Successful agents have always been the backbone of the industry but have often had little leverage to scale.

Until now.

With eXp's innovate model, we're seeing agents build bigger and better than ever...without the burnout.

Whatever you think you know about eXp Realty, set aside for just a bit, and take the time to examine what could be if you had access to these resources inside YOUR business.


While you watch, ask yourself...

Could you build outside your local market?

Could you build a nest egg of stock options?

Could your transactions increase with access to massive collaboration?

Could you earn your cap back?

Tune in below for all the nitty gritty details, then let your mind wander on it for a bit. Don't hesitate to come back and watch it again, if you're like most agents, there's a few details you missed.

We're not here to tell you how to build your business, instead we're here to help you build the business YOU want.

A modern approach to real estate, Powerhouse is a national community of agents that specializes in cross-training agents on a variety of topics. Allowing agents to brain share with one another to build better, more sustainable businesses, increasing profits and efficiency.

Community led, our focus is low overhead and high profits, while building businesses that support our lifestyles.

Led by Amy Gregory, agents are not only trained in the social sales approach, which allows them to scale and streamline their lead generation but also trained under other POWER agents with varying skill sets.

From investments to referral based to cold-calling there is a POWER agent there to train you no matter how you want to build and grow your business.

With a focus on business and lifestyle synergy, Powerhouse is for you if you want to lead generate efficiently and at-scale, grow outside your local market and buy back your time by creating multiple revenue streams in your business.

We're redefining what it means to be successful in real estate by ditching the hustle culture and instead focusing on sustainability without the burnout.


Whether you're going solo or building a team, just starting or a seasoned vet, sometimes this road of entrepreneurship gets lonely. Not anymore. Need a board of directors? We've got you. Want to add a new revenue stream? We'll help you.

With weekly Mastermind sessions, monthly guest speakers and more resources than you can imagine, you've always got a team at your disposal.

Powered by the eXp platform, Powerhouse is a Mastermind tailored to the entrepreneurial real estate agent. The agent that thinks beyond the next transaction and towards financial freedom.

Collectively, we work together, using each agent's strengths to build smart systems and strategies that insulate us against market shifts and create multiple revenue streams. Our goal is to help you determine the kind of business you want to build, then help you get there with a variety of tested and tried strategies.

Access to the Fast Forward Movement Mastermind

Led by two of the biggest team leaders in California, Daniel Beer and Kyle Whissel focus on production first. They focus on building strong businesses by connecting agents with the systems and strategies they spent years learning the hard way.

Meetings are held weekly via where they pour their experience into 100's of agents. Meetings are open forum style, Q&A. Have a problem in your business? Ask it here. First time agent? Get connect here. Building a local team? Schedule a time on their calendar for their entire play book.

In-person events as circumstances permit will accelerate your pace.

Access to #teamgogo Mastermind + Courses

Ready to pour gasoline on your business?  Jump into the offerings of Gogo Bethke.  A social media queen, Gogo is in the top 5 of agents within eXp and she's opens up her playbook twice a week, every week.  Join her on Wednesdays for transaction based training, where she'll motivate you, inspire you and give you the system to get going.  Then on Friday, to learn how to build your own national organization.

Gogo Bethke is one of the very first agents to ever recruit over 100 agents to eXp.  Her no nonsense, take no prisoners approach to business is contagious and there are few people better than her to have on your side in business.


Brokered by eXp Realty

Join Now

When you join Powerhouse brokered by eXp, you'll receive:


to the private POWERHOUSE Facebook group.  Where agents are referring deals and sharing all their best knowledge. Along with membership to Rise Collective, a course created by Amy Gregory to train agents on the social sales approach.


Led by Amy Gregory, you'll have access to coaching and mentoring from Amy Gregory every single week, along with other POWER agents. We meet every Tuesday at 1pm Arizona time.

You'll also have access to coaching and mentoring from Gogo Bethke 3 times a week inside her program.


to Rise Collective, an online course created by Amy Gregory outlining her specific social sales approach.  In addition, you'll have lifetime access to Gogo Bethke's courses as well, which teach on social media and agent attraction.


to Amy Gregory -- have a question?  Shoot me a text.  Seriously, we're partners.

Collaboration over Competition

From California, to Texas and Michigan Powerhouse offers agents an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with other top-producing agents. 

What does this look like in action? It means Facebook groups where agents are sharing their winning strategies in real time.  It means phone calls and facetimes and emails with spreadsheets attached.  Whatever you need, just ask.  Someone has already built it and is ready and willing to share.

Why? Because when you win, we all win.  

What are the splits at eXp Realty?

eXp offers competitive 80/20 splits with a $16,000 cap.  The best news though?  Once you cap, if you're able to close 20 more transactions within your calendar year, you're eligible to receive all $16,000 back in eXp stock! 

What kind of local support do you offer agents?

Each agent works under a local brokerage with local support staff. If you're a brand new agent, you'll also be assigned an mentor who is in your area to help you through your first 3 transactions.  

On top of all that, you have access to eXp World where top-producing agents are teaching and training in their area of expertise every single day!

What are the various revenue streams available to eXp agents?

Get ready to take some notes! Here we go...

1. Transactions: these are your bread and butter
2. Referrals: with access to agents across the country & The Gregory Group social sales approach, this is the next revenue stream to build out. 
3. RevShare: since you've established yourself as the expert using our attraction based marketing, guess what happens?  Other agents want to work with you.  The best news? This requires no additional overhead or complicated team splits.  Each agent is able to keep their own book of business.
4. Stocks: eXp is a publicly traded company, so like we always tell our buyers, stop renting and BUY!  Instead of being awarded silly glass trophies for your accomplishments, eXp rewards you with stock!
5. Health Insurance: not a revenue stream, but equally important. eXp offers health insurance benefits for our agents and it has been a total game-changer.

What kind of training is available to agents?

Hands down this is the number 1 reason I joined eXp Realty.  The ability to collaborate with agents across the country is UNMATCHED.  Even better?  eXp World (our digital campus) offers dozens of classes every single week taught by top-producing agents.  Never pay for coaching again.

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Hi, I'm Amy, founder of Powerhouse brokered by eXp Realty

Mom to 4 and top producing agent, I'm a lover of home, business and family. A serial entrepreneur, I returned to real estate when I saw an opportunity to use social media. It worked, allowing me break 6-figures my rookie year, while only working about 10 hours a week. Even better? I had a baby in October of that year and took the last two months of the year off.

The power of social media allowed me to set records on pricing and landed me in the top 1% of agents at eXp Realty in less than 2 years.

Voted a top 10 agent on social media in Arizona, I've developed a system to growing my reach and influence with the power of social media.

Now I'm on a mission to help other moms in real estate start, grow and scale their real estate businesses with the power of social media. I call it 100 moms to $100k -- I'd love for you to be one of them!

Ready to collaborate instead of compete?
This is a good fit for your if you're ready to streamline and scale your lead generation, want to grow outside your local market and buy back your time.